ICT Strategic Planning

S.I.P. Approach

At S.I.P. we approach ICT strategic planning with a view to improve the value of IT and Telecommunications to the organisation. We balance local autonomy with common systems to achieve the benefits of the organisation's strategic goals. This often means restricting users' freedom to do whatever they like by requiring them to comply with a set of standards and constraints similar to city planning regulations for roads and buildings. The constraints seek to improve overall utility by reducing convenience to some individuals.

The guiding principles of ICT Investment

ICT Strategic Planning aims to:



Scope of ICT Strategic Planning

Where are we today?

Where do we want to be?

Undertake detailed analysis and prepare recommendations for information, information systems and technology needed to support the business strategies of the organisation.

How do we get there?

Very often the success or failure of an IT Strategy project rests on the ability of the organisation to understand and resource the implementation plan.