About S.I.P.

S.I.P. was founded in January 1988 in Perth, Western Australia. Our Melbourne office has been developing as a centre of excellence for the Company's Innovation through Continuous Improvement in and Business Renewal Management expertise and research supporting significant change via truly independent facilitation of sound Strategy, Project QA & Risk Reviews, common sense Investment Logic Mapping (including Benefits Planning, Strategic Options Analysis) with a focus on future trends on how to deliver adaptable and realistic outcomes.

Ernest Stabek is a FCA (Chartered Accountant), FCPA (Certified Practising Accountant), VIC Board Member of Australian Computer Society and MACS Snr CP (Certified Professional) and MAICD (Member Australian Institute of Company Directors) is Principal Consultant in the Melbourne Office, and is responsible for delivering superior outcomes for clients.

Ernest is a highly skilled and experienced professional CFO with a broad range of business experience. He has in depth experience of management practices including Governance, Finance, People and Quality and is now using those experiences as a trusted strategic consulting advisor. Ernest has worked as an executive and with senior executives in large multinational and medium sized organisations.

His particular focus is common sense Independent Facilitations, Business Functional Reviews and resulting practical Change Management – for Business to ICT and ICT to Business translations and Organisational structure transformations in preparation for growth and/or divestment. Ernest has an extensive understanding of the necessary and practical elements for successful benefits management.

The S.I.P. difference

We measure our success by our clients' results. All top-level consultants may appear to be similar. Their resumes, presentation and fees do not differ much but they can be very different to work with. Since our inception, our passion for achieving results for our clients has driven our existence. 

How? We simply cut through to the root of the problem, exposing challenges and obstacles; and by confronting them courageously in plain business language, set the most effective course to real benefits.

Industry Experience

S.I.P. has exposure to large, medium and small clients in a variety of industries including: